7-Figure Celebrity Trader CAMERON FOUS Teaches

How To Trade Crypto SUCCESSFULLY

In Both Bear & Bull Markets

7-Figure Celebrity Trader CAMERON FOUS Teaches

How To Trade Crypto SUCCESSFULLY

In Both Bear & Bull Markets


Hear It From My Clients!


Hear It From My Clients!

Most traders risk 30% OR MORE of their portfolio's value on a single trade, believing it's the only way to make LARGE profits.

But this FLAWED thinking is why 98% of crypto traders lose money, and the 2% enjoy the lion's share.

And funny enough, those same failed traders will try and convince you that crypto is actually a scam and that you should stay out.

REAL crypto trading is involves following a SIMPLE set of rules that, when followed, will allow you to enjoy CONSISTENT wins in the market.

And more importantly, REAL crypto trading allows you to make significant gains WITHOUT risking more than 10% of your portfolio's value, EVEN IF you aren't starting with a lot of money.

What I teach is simple.

I'll show you how I can take a profit MULTIPLE TIMES from 1 project....

BOTH when the price is going up...

AND ALSO when the price is going down!

And this is possible with futures and shorts.

"Futures" are when you bet that that a cryptocurrency's price will increase.

"Shorts" are when you bet that a cryptocurrency's price will decrease.

But Here's The Kicker 😈

You can bet BOTH WAYS AT THE SAME TIME, thereby enabling you to GET PAID regardless of which direction the price goes.

But in order to do what I do, it takes some basic fundamentals that allow you to trade PROPERLY so that you can stop relying on LUCK...

And start winning because you ACTUALLY know what you're doing!

I don't manage an 8-figure Crypto portfolio because I am simply "lucky" or because I can "predict the future."

I also don't engage in pump and dump groups or rely on high APY staking programs, yield farms, or crypto lotteries to do it.

Instead... I rely on a handful of basic rules which I can teach you in my program.


How to find and research projects GOOD projects

How to read and identify trading patterns so that you can predict which way the price of a coin will go with a healthy degree of accuracy

How to calculate your risk before you even click "Buy"

How use leverage so that you can multiply your payouts

And what tools and software you need to do ALL OF THE ABOVE

And That's NOT All...

I'll also give you 6 months of FREE access in my private Discord membership group where you can:

Watch EVERY SINGLE trade that I am planning, buying or selling

Network with other crypto traders

Interact with me and get advice on trades you're planning

With the proper tools and education, I can help you get up to speed with EVERYTHING I KNOW about trading crypto SUCCESSFULLY!

When the market goes up, I make money.

When the market goes down, I make EVEN MORE money.

And I want to put you on the same path.

So Today You Are Getting...

ALL my step-by-step trading courses

Direct access to me and a community of traders from whom you can learn from

Real-time alerts for every single trade I am planning, buying, or selling

And so much more!!

This Isn't Theory. My Strategies Are Working RIGHT NOW For Countless Traders.

Imagine Being Able To Call Market Trends BEFORE Twitter Influencers Do

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